QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is one of the finest setup that is used by the businesses lately who have grown too larger than other version of QuickBooks. It was introduced in the year of 1994 and has been a benchmark in the accounting procedures of small business. Even though there have been a couple of new companies in competition, but it continued to be a breakthrough ever since it has been launched. It comes with a midrange counterpart dubbed QuickBooks Enterprise Solution that is now available in version 16.
This amazing software has midrange accounting that includes features like general ledger and is licensed per seat with prices starting at level $900 for a year and a single seat license. With different subscriptions that are available to access different types of functions like advanced reporting, support advanced payroll, the customers can design solutions which are completely well targeted for particular requirements. Even though some drawbacks like proprietary database, low max user limit keep this software behind Acumatica and Intacct, who managed to be the present winners of this category in Editor’s choice.
Installation of the software is a very quick process that does not encounter any issue. Default entity like construction, nonprofit services, consultation and others are available only at the time of installation and it needs to be selected to configure the system properly. Selecting the type of the business affects the accounts and this process is similar to the other versions of QuickBooks. Thus, it won’t be a problem for those customers who are familiar with the older version. One of the best things about QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is that you can directly purchase it from Intuit or by the reseller network of the vendor. Although it is completely possible to organize and modify QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions by your own, still you might want to consider by using certified Proadvisor, in case you need an extensive customization or if your setup needs a non-standard configuration. If you will be using the platform for a long time, it can be useful for you to think about developing an association with an accountant who is a user of certified ProAdvisor.
If you install the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, you land on the Home Page, which comprises of the collection of process flowcharts. QuickBooks was among the very primary vendors to include this interface and it became as a benchmark as it largely helps in assisting users by the series of process specific tasks. Your intellect of answering the series of questions at the time of setup determines the display of the homepage flowchart. The test company used for these reviews has three horizontal tiers:

  • Vendors at the first layer
  • Customer tasks at the middle layer
  • Employee tasks at the bottom layer

Specific tasks are carried out depending upon the feature that you want to use. For instance, if you don’t use a customer statement, an icon to carry out the task will not be displayed although you can add it sometimes later. Additional navigation is given at the ribbon bar present at the top with vertical menu bar on the left most screen edge that can be hidden if you want.

Note: If you want to use QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions from a mobile device, you need to visit the hosted version of the software.

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