Why QuickBooks Rules The Accounting World

In Early 1990s, QuickBooks debuted in accounting software world and quickly claimed up to 80% of the market. At present cloud has taken over still QuickBooks continues to dominate.

As cloud based software solutions came in to picture, Intuit was one of the first few to implement the QuickBooks online. A lot of companies have entered in the market lately and that makes the competition severe as well as interesting Intacct, FreshBooks, NetSuite, Xero etc. Xero even raised $150 million recently.

There are so many Software to choose form, still QuickBooks is of Gold Standard. It is like Windows. It is classic, comfortable with modern infrastructure

We recommend QuickBooks for the number of reasons.

Some section from business has criticized QuickBooks for not implementing online version too quickly. But we have got to understand that task as critical as moving data from offline servers to online require number of security measures and Intuit is a company who just does not jump on a new trend unless it is sure that it will benefit customers. So now it is moving towards cloud based system where you can access your financial data 24/7 from any device with the help of QuickBooks online.

  QuickBooks makes it easy for you to complete tax returns. You can use its internal tax accounting capabilities or its other app like TurboTax on Snaptax. QuickBooks is growing like never before still the software remains user friendly. QuickBooks gives you access to countless shortcuts to save time and increase performance. The online training and support that it provides is invaluable

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