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As Authorized Resellers of Intuit, Etechnovators LLC provids you the premium support services for all your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs.

Accounting and Bookkeeping
The outsourcing of Accounting and bookkeeping services can take care of that vital administrative part of a business and also maintain it to a high standard without the need for going through the rigors of training an employee. The business owner can now focus more time on how to productively raise income while still being confident that the administrative requirements of the business are efficiently handled.

But it has become increasingly important for an organization to have the combination of skills, technical know-how, and experience as they continue to grappling with new and complex challenges in a highly competitive environment.

To bridge the divide, we offer comprehensive accounting and book-keeping services to a wide range of companies willing to outsource their accounting function.

Our highly reliable team of well trained virtual accountants will work tirelessly to alleviate any of your financial worries.Your organization can save enormous amount of time and unnecessary work hours training new staff, filtering through receipts, and performing some financial functions. 
How we Deliver Value

  • As a highly specialized group of individuals, we deliver tailor-made solutions to meet your everyday business needs.It is in our character to design and document controls while compiling finance procedure manuals.
  • When you outsource accounting services to us, we’ll help you calculate your margins in the most effective way because we know they are some of the most important numbers in your business.And when we engage in this, we explore different ways to increase your profit margins.
  • We deploy the latest technology for the aggregation of your data by spending so much time researching tools to ensure that your data are meaningful.
  • All of the difficulties attached to building a sound accounting team has been eliminated, so outsourcing to us is a simple task. The services you get from us is top-notch and highly reliable.

As a Ouickbooks accounting and bookkeeping expert, we deem it fit to help our clients grow their bottom line in multiple folds without any aorta of doubts. We are poised to meet the specific needs of our clients by helping them realize their goals in the shortest possible time.

Our services are designed in such a way that it effectively handle your back-office work.We ensure that everything from data and reconciling of accounts, payment of bills, invoicing customers, and completing of tax returns are well managed. 

With our outsourced accounting services, you will have delivered into your hands, the next level thinking needed to rightly position your business so it can compete favorably.Hence, you will have a controller prepare the performance report, who is always on a set schedule and can meet with you to have a valuable discussion about your business and how improvements can be introduced. 

Our Tailor-made Services


  • Updating Book Of Accounts
  • Maintaining Ledgers
  • Closing of Accounts
  • Provision of administrative services
  • Preparing Trial Balance
  • Reconciliation of bank and credit card statements
  • Preparation and compilation of financial services
  • Preparing, Cash Flow Statement, Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • The integration of Quickbooks, third party softwares and Excel


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