Quickbooks Payroll

There is one aspect of business which has always remained sacred and that is payroll. Payroll is calculated on a regular basis. You need to know the version of Quickbooks that can automatically determine the alternatives that you have. You also get the option that is available online and which can be used either on the desktop or online versions of Quickbooks. Payroll products mostly work on the desktop or the PC version of Quickbooks. If you are willing to create paychecks by yourself or actually need to report just the hours, there are few things that you must not ignore.

• The time frame of the completion.
• The complexity of the payroll, wages, benefits, other perks etc.
• Your extent of comfort with the payroll.
• Frequency of staff turnover.
• Your interest to handle tax payment.
• If you settle for outsourcing, your interest in integrating the payroll data with the Quickbooks.
• The costing.

You need to conside the factor of job costing too. The PC version of payroll is quite well. If you outsource, then you will be required to work around so as to have some decent numbers. The payroll products available are:

a. QuickBooks Basic Payroll: Here, paychecks are created so you will be needing the PC version of Quickbooks. You will need to undergo a manual process for filling out forms. This alternative is suggestedd if you have any professional bookkeeper.

b. Intuit Online Payroll: Here too, you need to create paychecks and the form filling will be conducted manually. This should not be suggested unless an accountant is available. For job costing, this is not a good option too.

c. Intuit Full Service Payroll: It is an easy task of importing online quickbooks in the PC version. If there is a requirement of job costing, you will have the same drawbacks compared to other payroll companies. If you don’t need job costing, then you can consider this option to be simple and reasonable.

d. Quickbooks Assisted Payroll: You need to create the paychecks while it can take care of payroll tax filing and reporting as it assures accuracy.

e. Quickbooks Enhanced Payroll: You need to do the creation of paychecks and handling the tax filing. For this, you will require PC version of Quickbooks.
f. Intuit Online Payroll Plus: It also involves creation of paychecks and tax filing. It is not a good option for job costing.

Improved Payroll features

• You get instant paycheck for employees and contractors.
• Automatic calculations tax.
• Free direct deposit.
• It can be accessed from android, iPad and iPhone.
• It can work with and without Quickbooks.
• It electronically pays taxes along with W-2’s at year end.
• It can email you reminders for taxes and forms.
• It offers support from payroll professionals.

Additional Services
We are not just payroll, we offer many other additional services like:
• Tracking the employee time
• Automatic labor law posters
• Workers get to have a hassle free compensation.
Etechies helps the businesses in focusing the full usage of Intuit products in the most resourceful way. This can help your company in achieving required goals that you need to accomplish. Contact us now.

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